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OnBoard is a Premier Partners with the Association of School and College Leaders

Multi Academy Trusts
OnBoard supports a variety of School groups that work together in partnership.
OnBoard is tailored to the needs of Colleges, helping to improve meeting outcomes.
OnBoard is a board portal that is tailored to the needs of Universities.
Independent Schools
OnBoard supports Schools by improving security standards & governance.
Other Education
OnBoard drives good governance & improves meeting outcomes in a secure environment.

How OnBoard Works

OnBoard is board management software that streamlines meeting preparation and provides your leaders with more accurate and timely information.

Accept Nothing Less Than a Complete Meeting Platform

OnBoard redefines education governance and meeting outcomes. A comprehensive meeting platform that helps leaders make better decisions, prioritize what’s important, and garner the public trust.

Make Better Decisions

OnBoard help directors make more thoughtful decisions. By sharing information sooner, you’ll have better information, and hear from perspectives you may have missed.  

Prioritize What's Important

OnBoard helps staff deliver regular and timely information to decision makers more efficiently.  With intuitive drag and drop controls, it enables entire teams to quickly and effectively contribute to creating public meeting materials. That leaves more time to spend on the countless challenging projects that deserves your attention.

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When real people are given the opportunity to evaluate OnBoard, they enthusiastically rate it above the best board meeting software. Discover the top reasons why we constantly outrank the competition in every category and why real people choose OnBoard over the other guys.

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"OnBoard is so easy! The most complex Board meetings, with copious amounts of agenda items and papers, can be set-up expediently with ease."
Jacky Sturman
City College Norwich

Combined 115+ Years Experience in Education Governance

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