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OnBoard supports a variety of School groups that work together in partnership.
OnBoard is tailored to the needs of Colleges, helping to improve meeting outcomes.
OnBoard is a board portal that is tailored to the needs of Universities.
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OnBoard supports Schools by improving security standards & governance.
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OnBoard drives good governance & improves meeting outcomes in a secure environment.

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When board and leadership team meetings run smoothly, it’s good news for education. How can you help meeting attendees collaborate better and make more informed decisions?

"OnBoard is so easy! The most complex Board meetings, with copious amounts of agenda items and papers, can be set-up expediently with ease."
Jacky Sturman
Jacky Sturman
City College Norwich

An Education Group Success

In Driving Board User Engagement

The Challenge
Delivering effective governance is essential for the Alpha Plus Group, who own and manage 20 schools, nurseries and sixth form colleges. Throughout the year, there are eight board meetings, three advisory council meetings and several committee meetings. Working in a ‘paper environment’ was causing significant pressure on everyone involved as the meeting materials needed to be ready in time.

The Solution
The Alpha Plus Group now have a view of all meetings and events a year in advance, enabling them to more easily plan their diaries and reduce duplicated queries to their office team. Staff resources have been freed up as they no longer need to produce packs of paper documents or send multiple emails in response to questions about dates, times and papers. The board also has easy access to all required documents at any time, on any device – and have a full record of all the papers and decisions taken at previous meetings.

“It is easy to use and is far more secure than the way we distributed board papers previously. So it is a real step forward.”

Mark Hanley-Browne CEO,
Alpha Plus Group.

Combined 115+ Years Experience in Education Governance

How OnBoard Works

OnBoard is board management software that streamlines meeting preparation and provides your leaders with more accurate and timely information.

Accept Nothing Less Than a Complete Meeting Platform

OnBoard redefines education governance and meeting outcomes. A comprehensive meeting platform that helps leaders make better decisions, prioritize what’s important, and garner the public trust.

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